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    Lightroom 6.4 Freezes when I press the Develop key.



      I own a ACPI x64 based Pc

      AMID Fx(Tm)-6300

      six core processor

      3.50 GHz with 8GB ram.

      Upgraded from Lightroom 4 and this is a stand alone copy.

      When moving between collections it will occasionally freeze and when I select an image from a collection then press the "Develop" key the programme freezes. Turning the computer off at the start button, then restarting the computer and starting Lightroom I can then press "Develop" key and it works, it does this all the time. Very frustrating.

      I love this programme as I have learning difficulties and over the years it has become purely intuitive to use: damaged memory. I will not go to subscription copy until this problem is solved. I do hope you will help me as it will take me a very long time to learn another programme.