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    E_ACT_NOT_READY - Bullshift bingo


      Hello folks,


      I'm raging around now. I'm using ADE 4.5.1 @Windows 10 64bit with a cloned harddisk volume to a new SSD, no other hardware was changed.

      This is my error now:



      Then I tried to deauthorize my account from this crappy app with CTRL+SHIFT+D. Then this occured (Yes, I used the forgotten password feature to retrieve/change to a really really up-to-date password):


      And actually I can't do anything to fix this problem. What can I do now?


      Man, this is just a stupid kind of sh*t. It is easier to get DRM-free pieces of whatever over the internet than dealing with legally gotten digital content. Is this the way of the walk? I don't think so. The next thing is that customers MUST deal with Windows or OS X systems, because there are no Linux implementations of this crappy software. I'm double fu**d now, dealing with a Windows OS which is wasting my Ultrabook and an proprietary piece of Adobe software.


      Please help me before I decide to use ebooks in raw TXT format at operating systems from past centuries with that I'm able to flying to the moon! Thanks.