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    Problem importing into LR CC when camera recording RAW & JPEG of the image

    Bull Rhino

      I have my camera set to save both RAW and JPEG  for each image, but when I import it only imports the RAW files.  However, If I take just RAW or just JPEG it imports whichever I shoot just fine.  I can go to the card and retrieve the JPG files and manually copy them to the directory and then go in and import them into LR, but even then, when I am in the folder that they are in they do not appear, but when I go to the parent folder they do show.  When the camera creates the RAW and the JPEG files it gives them the exact same name except the extension which shows if it is the RAW or the .JPG.   I have double and even triple checked and the . JPG file is in the same directory as the RAW file.  When I import the photos I change the name to a custom name, so when I copy and past the .JPG  files into the folder besides the suffix on the file, the file name is also different. How do I fix that problem?