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    Lightroom v5 for Mac. Olympus Stylus 1 .ORF for new folders not appearing in Lightroom & old .ORF files greyed out.


      Lightroom v5 for Mac.  I have recently transferred my photos from one drive to another larger drive.  Since doing so, using the same catalogue I have found the new location and all files appear to be OK with the exception of my Olympus Stylus 1 .ORF files. 


      Have several new folders containing both Nikon NEF files as well as the ORF files.  The Nikon files come across no problem but not the Olympus.  I've got the latest updates.  I've tried synchronising several times, but no luck.


      I know that my Olympus is supported because it has worked since 2014.  The older folders still contain the ORF files but non of them are visible in Lightroom, they're just greyed out.  Any suggestions?