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    Text baseline position: discrepancy between InDesign and Illustrator

    sPretzel Level 1



      In a text frame, when I place a character in InDesign, with vertical justification set to Top and baseline offset to Ascent, and place the same character (same font family and font size) in Illustrator, I notice that the character's baseline in Illustrator sits at a different vertical distance from the top edge of the box. However, I expect both to be the same in InDesign and Illustrator. (note that in Illustrator, vertical justification cannot be set because text is always aligned to Top of the text frame)


      InDesign's manual defines Ascent as: "The height of the “d” character in the font falls below the top inset of the text frame."

      What I see in InDesign is that there is some space between the top of the character "d" and the top of the text frame in InDesign, but there is no space in Illustrator. So InDesign seems to be at fault here! This is visible for Myriad Pro but also for Arial and seems to differ from font to font.


      Is that a known issue?


      This is for CS4.