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    Problem with a dangling scarf

    jodanefilm Level 1

      I built a character in Illustrator. The character has a scarf. This part of scarf wich belongs to the neck, works how it have to.

      My problem is the part wich should dangle. Indeed it dangles but the top of the part is always moving in the same direction like the head.


      So here you can see:



      Can somebody help me and tell me what went wrong?

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Is there an Origin handle at the top of the scarf subpuppet, where you want the scarf to dangle from? Also, in the parent puppet (the body that contains the part of the scarf around the neck), try creating a new handle at the same location as the subpuppet's Origin -- call it something like "scarf anchor" -- and then have the scarf subpuppet Attach To that "scarf anchor" handle.


          If that doesn't work, feel free to send a shared link to the artwork for us to look at. You can send the link via private message, if preferred.