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    Coldfusion 11 Standard

    coylo Level 1

      We need to purchase a Coldfusion 11 license shortly and looking to know if Coldfusion 11 Standard edition will be OK for what we are running:


      We have 3 websites running on a single server with spec:


      Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise 64-bit

      Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2 @3.20Ghz

      32 GB Ram

      2TB HDD


      We are currently running Coldfusion 11 Trial (Enterprise) which expires soon.


      Our 3 sites mostly use:


      MySQL 5 Datasources

      cflogin, cfloginuser, GetAuthUser, GetUserRoles, IsUserInAnyRole, IsUserLoggedIn etc. security functions

      cffileupload function

      Custom Tags

      cfmail - need to be able to Log all E-mail messages sent by ColdFusion

      Daily running of scheduled tasks

      Excel Spreadsheet creation with cfcontent


      we also need to be able to change settings in coldfusion administrator mainly:


      (1) Default ScriptSrc Directory, Maximum size of post data (for large file uploads of 1gb)  & Request Throttle Memory.


      will 'Request Size Limits' ('Settings' section) be greyed out in Standard edition as well as 'Request Limits' ('Request Tuning' section)? or is it just the Request Tuning section?


      (2) Memory Variables - need to be able to amend all options in this section.


      (3) Mappings - need to be able to add mappings


      (4) Java and JVM - need to be able to add Coldfusion class paths


      Also, will the Web Server Configuration tool still work?


      We don't need features such as ORM text search, Web sockets or Solr.