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    CJK options - Kinsoku pushes text out of the Text Box

    Peter Stnsz

      Hi all,


      I've found some CJK templates created by Diane Burns, which I can use with my CS4 (with limited availability). I've also downloaded InDesign CS6 (Japanese) with all the CJK functions I can create myself (and later on import into CS4), however I am not able to set Kinsoku settings properly and I think I tried everything (Changing Kinsoku settings, using Optical Margin Alignment and so on..). It shouldn't matter if I use Japanese or Chinese?


      So as you can see on the screenshot below, parts of text (highlighted with gray and red) are moving out of the text box.


      Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 13.29.18.png


      Any suggestions?