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    Can I publish my RoboHelp project directly to a web server using the Generate Primary Layout (WebHelp) function?

      I am hoping to improve my method of publishing my company Knowledge Base.

      Currently, I generate the RoboHelp layout to a folder on my local computer and then manually upload the project output files to our sever via SmartFTP. My question is how do I publish directly to the server? Is this possible?

      On the first page of the Generate Primary Layout "wizard", I have entered the path to a local folder on my computer. Three screens later in the Servers box of the "wizard", I have entered a server and path, and checked its box. When I generated the output, I expected it to be published to both locations: the local folder and the web server folder. But it only publishes to the local folder, not the web server. How do I get it publish to the server also?

      Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!