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    Directory Listing(s) and Copying file path to memory


      Our workflow consists of the following steps:

      1) Using Windows Explorer to see the contents of a given folder (with subfolders).

      2) Clicking on one of those files to view it in Adobe Acrobat Professional.

      3) With two monitors, we view the contents of the pdf on one screen, while entering the information from the pdf into our web based document management system.

      4) Copy the document's file path to memory.

      5) Paste the file path into the document management system's dialog box in order to upload the pdf.


      Areas where we could really use some guidance are: 1) Can Adobe Acrobat have a directory listing window as one of the "Tools" or constantly displayed in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the window, and 2) What would the javascript command be to copy the open file's document path to memory?


      Thank you in advance for any feedback. Any help would be greatly appreciated.