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    Create multi-collored Beach Ball

      Hi All! I'm new with Fireworks, just started working with MX (v.6) as I had it for long time but never felt the need to go beyond paintbrush (I know... I know... :)

      Anyway that I want to create a circle with kind of a cone efect that has 5 or 6 diferent colors. The problem is that with this fill efect I'm not being able to get it.

      To better explain the problem lets say the following:
      1. I create the circle
      2. I use fill cone
      3. the first 2 colors are ok
      4. Now here comes the problem because when I start adding colors in the middle they start apearing two times (one on top and one on the botom) I don't want this I want the filling of the colors to be circular.

      Can somebody help this poor soul please???

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          SiamJai Level 2
          The cone is not really suited for this purpose, because the gradient can be adjusted only on half of the shape, then it's duplicated, as you have already discovered. :)

          I suggest creating the shape out of six different-colored 60-degree sectors first (use the Pie Autoshape if MX has it, or just cut up a circle). Then draw a grayscaled cone on top of that. Play around with the cone's blend mode settings to have the gradient show through on the objects below.

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            pixlor Level 4
            Here's a beachball image you can start with.

            As SiamJai suggested, I made a 60 degree object, multiplied and rotated it (Layer 1). With Snap to Grid on, all the center points align. I grouped these objects and then center-aligned a circle.

            I copied everything to Layer 2, ungrouped the angle objects, and made 5 copies of the circle. For each angle object, I selected it and one circle and then Modify>Combine Paths>Intersect.

            Don't know if you'll see this post, but I wanted to give it a try.

            (edit: missed a "selected")
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              SiamJai Level 2
              Nice work, Lorraine! Using the polygons with the circle is clever and perhaps more MX-compatible than my suggestion.