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    Please Help...npage function with Template


      I am currently creating a pdf form for work in adobe acrobat pro XI and I've been able to work out every issue with the exception of this.


      I have a page with a checkbox (labeled checkbox) at the bottom page of page 2.  I have also created a template (labeled Quote2). When the check box is checked/unchecked it shows and hides the template (Quote2) no problem. However, it shows and hides the template at the bottom of the entire pdf. I've been trying to find as much information on npage functions, however I only seem to find npage information related to spawn. I can't or do not want to use a spawn template function because the field names change and the javascript and calculations that I've written for that original template(Quote2) does not update to match those field name changes and the calculations no longer function.


      I would like to just to un-hide the template after the page the checkbox is located on, specifically page 3.


      Here is the script for the checkbox that I have written already:

      //this allows me to show

      var t = this.getTemplate("Quote2");

      t.hidden = event.target.value === "Off"


      Please note, I am fairly new to scripting, so lower - mid level responses are appreciated. lol


      Any help is appreciated! Thank you!