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    Lightroom adding grain to preview as compared to Capture One 9

    Oliver J Pearce

      Please can someone advise me. When i bring the same Raw file (Sony A7Rii.ARW) into both Lightroom and Capture One Pro 9 and let the programs build the previews, there is a massive difference between the previews. Lightroom seems to be adding grain? See the attached file 100% enlargements. In itself it isn't an issue only that there seems to be several steps with Lightroom to get the file to 'look' better as compared to Capture One 9. I shoot about 200,000 images a year and any time saving can be massive. I am coming form Aperture as my DAM software.... want to move to Lightroom but find CO 9 to handle raw processing far better. Am i not doing something correctly? The general look of the files is also flatter and less saturated in lightroom..... just doesn't look as good with nothing done to the file.

      Many Thanks

      Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 17.52.27.png