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    I Can't Uninstall Acrobat 7


      Hi I have a copy of CS2 that I acquired in college and when reimaging my computer (windows 7) I had to reinstall Acrobat only. Installation went great, I had no issues with my serial. When going to use the program I was getting error codes saying my serial number is invalid, and because I can no longer activate over the phone was unable to use the software, and any internet activations with adobe go activate was non functional. I then downloaded Acrobat 10 trial version so I can proceed with my work. Although, my computer is only recognizing the non functional acrobat 7 as a default program so I decided to unistall it but I receive this error "The Installer could not start because of the following reasons: Missing of Invalid Personalization Information. Missing Resources library." I now have tried calling every support number which of course Adobe is not supporting anymore. I'm not sure how they expect to not provide proper support, especially when they change a major attribute such as phone activations while many people still use old programs. Can someone please tell me how I can get CS2 Acrobat off my machine??