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    Adding new project from Behance to ProSite/Portfollio... how?

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I admit that I haven't been all that active on Behance. However, it used to be that when I added a new Project to Behance, it would ask me if I wanted to add it to my ProSite, to which section, and in what order. I just added a new project to Behance, and I couldn't find an option to add it to either ProSite OR Portfolio. How do I add a new project to ProSite, Portfolio or both?

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          KShinabery212 Adobe Community Professional

          What I have seen so far.... when I upload a new project to Behance I can choose for it to go to my ProSite.


          Just as it did to my ProSite, it also does to my Adobe Portfolio (automatically).  However, you have to turn it on in the list on your Adobe Portfolio site.  Even when you create separate new galleries it will show up in the list.  You just have to turn it on to make it visible.  Really simple.  Then you can drag the names of projects into the order of your choice in each gallery.  I set up several extra galleries (photography, graphic design, traditional illustration, etc.).  Thus, once I upload a project I turn it on in what ever gallery I want it to show up in.


          I will launch my Adobe Portfolio site soon..... if you watch me on LinkedIn I will share the link once I am finished editing it.  I am putting a lot off work into it to make it very cool and interesting.