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    Easy pre-load problem

    Tony Heagren Level 1
      Hi all,

      Photographer's web site.
      I'm using the attached code on a button to load pictures from a local folder.
      The pictures were exported from Adobe Image Ready as .swf files and it all works fine.
      Only problem is that some are BIG in terms of file size and because I've been given "finished"
      .swf files I can't put a pre-loader into the .swf that's to be loaded.

      Can I make some kind of reusable movie clip which resides in the main (level 0) movie which runs a pre-loader
      so that users will see a "loading" animation while these big files load ?

      Just to make it clear:
      index.swf is a very basic movie with "next" and "previous" buttons running the attached code to load the swf files which have been supplied to me. The swf files which are loaded by this code have been supplied to me and I can't edit them. I need a "loading" animation/script which will sit in the index.swf to let users know a new picture is loading.
      Clear as mud ?

      All and any help much appreciated.

      Best wishes