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    Overriding a color from a character style in an InDesign Table of Contents

    Petros_ Level 1

      I'm probably dense, but I've searched for quite awhile to solve this problem and I can't. I'm trying to color text one color in the body of my document but have it appear black in the table of contents. Here's what I do:

      1. Create some text and apply a style to the headings
      2. Color one of the headings differently using a character style (why? Because in my document I'm trying to have certain paragraphs appear light on a dark page instead of dark on light).
      3. Create a table of contents and notice that the character color is coming through where I don't want it to.


      Here are the ways I've tried solving the problem:

      1. Ensure that Character Color is set to black on the paragraph style used for the item in the TOC. This does not solve the problem.
      2. Create a nested style within the paragraph style used for the TOC and choose a character style that specifies black for character color. This does not solve the problem.
      3. Choose a black character style for the number and tab of the TOC item. This solves the problem for the number and leader but not for the incoming text string.
      4. Select the text created by the TOC and recolor it to black. This works, but I'd have to redo it every time I update the TOC (which is frequent).

      Any suggestions? How can I automatically override the color coming in from character styles throughout the document so that TOC text is always black? Thanks in advance for your help.