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    Problem loading my website from the url

    Karolus Level 1


      Windows 7 Ultimate


      When I type in "http://www.powersuasion.com", the browser goes to "http://www.powersuasion.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm?CFID=9230823&CFTOKEN=bea0150d24112df9-628 636B4-DD5A-01B1-BA1401CD116DCB9C&redirect=yes" and loads index.cfm in the root (wwwroot).  This is confirmed all four browsers.


      When the page opens, only part of my site opens and there is recursive process where the quote at the top loops through ad infinitum, as if the page is loading over and over again.


      When I remove the string, "CFID=9149279&CFTOKEN=568539d825ed7343-EE4F3A77-DC7A-0E16-CE2B58AD730DB6BB" from the address, the  address is "http://www.powersuasion.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm?&redirect=yes" and the site loads properly.


      I cannot figure where this "CFID..." string comes from and how to get rid of it when I call for "www.powersuasion.com".


      I tried to find that incorrect address in the index.cfm's, but could not find it there.


      I downloaded the whole wwwroot and then ran a scan searching for "CFID=9230823" and came up empty.


      Obviously, many visitors to my site are unhappy when they see the result of their call.

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          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          CFIDE and CFTOKEN are session/client variables created by ColdFusion to track individual sessions that are using an application.  They typically aren't appended onto the URL unless you have a <cflocation> tag somewhere in your code (probably somewhere in Application.cfc or Application.cfm).  Look in those files for a <cflocation> tag.  You likely need to add addtoken="false" to the tag to prevent those variables from automatically being appended.