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    Explorer 7 does not open correct topic.

      I use Robohelp for Nokia Siemens Networks documentation. I and several other documentation teams in the company have the same problem.

      We develop Online Help and in all teams the correct topic is opened (using CSH and map IDs) using Internet Explorer 6, but when we try using Explorer 7 the default page is opened. We are all very frustrated by this as we upgraded to RoboHelp 7 on the basis that we could provide our documentation for use in IE7. we have tested on different PCs in different countries, using different IE7 settings and have got nowhere.

      Any suggestions?
      How do I contact the Robohelp developers? Maybe there is a patch being developed?

      Thank you in advance, Rachel

      I have attached the souce code, from IE7, don't know if it helps...
      I have here the script used to call the help
      [ rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler "url" ]