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    Update InDesign graph (relink to Illustrator file) but retain original graph formatting


      I have a doc that was created by a colleague who is out on vacation. The doc contains two line graphs that look almost identical in terms of sizing, formatting, etc. I need to update the data of one of the charts but when I relink it I lose the exact formatting of the other - e.g. it relinks at a different size and when I try to scale it I cant get the exact formatting of the other and it gets distorted. I have tried reading about how to resize but for some reason I always get distortion. Is there a way to just update the chart with the new data without losing the original formatting?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Where do the graphs come from? Is the overall size of the two the same in the originals (after you make your edits)?


          Without a lot more information it's very difficult to say, but there are two places I can think of that would affect how the graph changes when you reliink. The first is the preferences, where you have a choice between preserving the image dimensions (the frame will stay the same, and the image will scale to fit), or preserving the image scale (scale of the image remains the same, but the frame will need to be resized.


          The other, and this may be the issue here, is the crop option selected when importing Illustrator or PDF artwork. If the Bounding Box or Art option was selected originally, that dimension is not fixed and will change when you edit. I prefer to use Media or Artboard to maintain a fixed size, and crop as necessary (I usually adjust the artboard to the appropriate size to remove unwanted white space in illustrator before I save).