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    New Build


      Hi, I am going to build a new PC for Premiere and possibly AE.


      I have decided on the following parts and appreciate any help and recommendations.


      CPU i7-5820K

      MB X99 Extreme 4-3.1  "Originaly was thinking GB X99-SLI but it only has dual PCIe for M.2"

      Samsung EVO 256GB OS

      Samsung 950 Pro M.2 512GB Media and Preview

      Gigabyte GTX960 4GB

      Yes to decide on the case and PSU. What PSU capacity should I get if the above is ok?



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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if you are on a tight budget, you are doing ok. there are lots of other x99 threads here if you care to read them for other tips.


          if you have more to spend, the gtx 970 will be the next best improvement, but only if your projects need the extra power. if you aren't doing 4k projects, and don't use alot of gpu effects or color/lumetri effects, the gtx 960 4gb will be fine.


          asus motherboards are popular here, the asus x99-a/usb 3.1 should be somewhat similar to the mbd you list.


          for memory, ddr4 2400mhz or faster would be good. kingston, crucial, corsair, or gskill are popular brands.

          for the cpu cooler, the noctua d15 is good for low noise and overclocking. if you are on a tight budget the coolermaster evo 212 is a popular budget cooler.


          for cases, fractal design, phanteks, and corsair are good.


          for psu, 850w gold is good, gold or better 1k watt is better for overclocking. evga gs, g2, ps, p2, and t2, seasonic x and platinum series, or any gold rated XFX brand are good options. the corsair RMi or RMx are ok if you want corsair on a budget, the RM series without the i or x are not good models. you can look thru those various models and brands for sales if you like.

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            goula123 Level 1

            Many thanks RoninEdits,


            I will get the GTX 970, but there are three models, Gigabyte Twin Turbo OC / OC (WF3OC) / G1 Gaming. G1 gaming is the most expensive one with higher clock speed, is this the one to get?


            The Asus MB is twice the price of Asrock in AU at $669 vs $318, will the Asus be that much better?


            The cpu price difference between 5820K and 5930K is $120, will it be wise to spend the extra money on the 5930K?

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              according to another forum member, cuda programs like premiere will not use the higher clock speed on the gtx 900 series. so you can pick a quiet and/or cheaper one.


              the asus mbd here in usa is alot closer to the asrock mbd price. its not 2x better, so no i wouldn't pay that much for it.


              once overclocked the 5820k and 5930k are similar in performance, both have 6 cores. the 5930k has 40 pcie lanes vs the 28 on the 5820k. it will also depend on the motherboard how it assigns and uses the cpu pcie lanes. you can usually look in the motherboard manual for the gpu layout to get a basic idea, but it may not give full info. its also good to look in the manual to see if/which pcie slot is being shared with the ultra/x4 m.2 slot. the 5820k is usually good for 2 gpu and 1 m.2 ssd on a budget mbd. anything more than that, like 3 or 4 gpu, will require the 5930k and/or advanced mbd.

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                goula123 Level 1

                Thanks once again.


                I will stick with 5820K.


                With the GPU, the 970 is $600 and 960 is $335, given the price difference of $265 is it worth getting the 970?


                I do a little bit of color correction and  some transitions.

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  the gtx 970 is around 50% faster, and prices here scale up from the gtx 960 close to that. converting usd to aud prices, the gtx 970 should be closer to $470 aud, $435 aud for sales. the gtx 960 4gb around $330 aud. if you are only doing a couple effects, you should be fine.

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                    goula123 Level 1

                    Ok, I have gone with GTX 960 and will upgrade it down the track if I see the GTX 960 as bottleneck in my workflow. Unfortunately we get to pay a lot more compared to US and the conversions don't translate.

                    The 960 is $335 and 970 is $525, the price difference is $195 so I couldn't justify that for now.


                    Many thanks for your help, I am gathering the parts now.


                    The build will be:



                    Asrock Extreme 4/3.1

                    Samsung EVO 256GB

                    Samsung pro M.2 512GB

                    Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB

                    G.Skill Ripjaws V 4x8GB

                    Phantek Evolv Mid Tower or Fractal Design Define S

                    Thermaltake Toughpower 80+ Gold 750W or Coolermaster Vanguard S 80+ Gold Semi-Modular 750W

                    cooling, yet to decide because of the case and size of cooling. The noctua is too big.

                    Keyboard and mouse, Not sure what is good for editing?



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                      RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                      noctua, phanteks, bequiet have several different coolers. you can look at the case you pick to see how large of a cpu cooler it will hold. you can also use part picker to see if anyone is using that combo. for example, one build showed up for the fractal design case and the noctua d15. Completed Builds - PCPartPicker


                      i don't really have any recommendation for a mouse or keyboard. there are too many designs that start getting into ergonomics, that you will have to decide features and shapes for. some people like using gaming keyboards and mice for the extra assignable buttons. there are "mmo" mice that have around 12 buttons where the back/forward thumb buttons normally are.

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                        goula123 Level 1


                        I have been reading on the MB and apparently despite the Asrock claims that the M.2 port use PCIE3x4 (32Gb/S). According to a user on Newegg it doesn't, can someone verify this please, because I don't want to connect my 950 pro if it doesn't support it at full speed?

                        The reviewer has said the below:

                        "I got this because they advertise it will run the M.2 SSD at PCIe 3 x4, it does not. It runs at 6Mbs (verified using Sisoft Sandra) like everyone else' does. "

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                          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                          i don't look at asrock mbd's much, so never heard of that before. the reviewer doesn't list which m.2 he has, just samsung m.2 ssd. the manual says this:

                          The Ultra M.2 Socket (M2_1) can accommodate either a M.2 SATA3 6.0 Gb/s module or a M.2 PCI Express module up to Gen3 x4 (32 Gb/s).

                          the reviewer says its limited to 6mbs, which may be a typo for 6gbs. so maybe he has a sata m.2 drive at 6gps. if you did have some problem with the m.2 slot on the motherboard, it should be possible to buy a pcie card m.2 adapter and use a pcie slot to get full bandwidth. you may want to do some digging in the asrock forums and search online for issues with that motherboard for better info.