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    Mac or Microsoft for art college?


      Hey, the college I'm going to attend to says that I can use Microsoft but they recommend Mac since instruction is primarily on Macintosh computers. We would we using the programs Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, Fireworks, Acrobat Pro, Bridge, and Media Encoder. I've never used an apple computer for daily use before, so it'd be getting so used to, buuuut really what I'm thinking is that getting a Microsoft Surface, or at least a laptop with a touch screen so I can draw on the tablet itself would be what I would think be very beneficial for me. I don't understand why they'd want a mac if a mac can't do that unless they provided something external, like a Wacom drawing tablet, but I would kind of doubt that? I checked online a little bit, I hear that there isn't any difference between these programs being used on apple products or Microsoft products?


      I plan to probably ask when I visit the college or the time gets closer to buying a new laptop, but does anybody know what maybe I should do?

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i've heard there have been problems with the touch screen response time for drawing, maybe they have fixed that in the latest versions, i dunno. microsoft is a software company, and the people they hire to design the hardware haven't exactly been doing a good job. this shows in the tablets as well as the xbox machine problems. if you want to go with a windows machine, as long as you know windows well enough, you should be able to follow along with any instructions they give for the mac. mac's have a long reputation for quality and reliable machines, which is why many companies choose to use mac's. if the school doesn't supply wacom tablets, perhaps you will be able to buy and use your own.


          adobe on mac vs windows, the edge may go to windows. there have been several major bugs on both OS's, but it seems like a few less on windows. performance does seem to be similar from what i've heard. the spec's of the machine should have more impact on the performance.


          another thing to consider is working with others and future places of employment. you may be collaborating with others while in school, maybe not, but if you do there can be a few extra steps to sharing files and projects between mac and windows. its not normally a big deal, but once in a while it can cause headaches. the bigger part may be employment at some place that only has mac machines. knowing how to use a mac may be a requirement, or might just be helpful. 

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            PC laptops will have far better hardware configuration options especially for Adobe. Adobe is also far more stable on Windows with Cuda acceleration than OSX with Open CL. I would suggest a Windows laptop with an Nvidia GPU.




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              Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

              Mac with a Wacom tablet that fits your budget.