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    Import updated Photoshop file


      Hi All,

      Importing Photoshop files into AE CC 2015 as layers has been working fine.  Editing items on existing layers and then seeing them reflected in AE is also working.


      However, when I add a new layer to the PSD, it is not reflected in AE. Is there a way to make new layers within the PSD file show up in AE as part of that PSD's composition?

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          timc72697986 Level 1

          There may be a way to do this but I've been doing that for a while and I just end up re-importing the file. This isn't supposed to be an answer for you... just how I deal with it.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            AE is looking in the PSD at the specific layers as if they are footage items. It's like you're telling AE to look at a video file in a certain folder.

            I'm pretty sure that, under the hood, AE doesn't even realize each one of those layers comes from the same Photoshop file.

            Anyway, it does not look for new layers. I'm not sure whether it's possible for it to look for new layers, but I don't work for Adobe and this might be something it could do fairly easily. It sounds like a good feature request to make: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

            If you know of other people with the same issue, have them file feature requests too. The more requests they get, the higher up the priority list it goes!