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    Continuous file numbering.


      I have a catalog of 750,000 images.  Each of the images currently has a randomly assigned name by me, the camera, or renaming.  I would like to assign all the images and all future images a unique number permanently for easy reference.  I have not yet figured out how to make this number consecutive after renaming all my files and then assigning during import.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee



          You could always add Filename-Sequence while importing and renaming your images.


          To refer your images easily you need to manage them using collections,smart collections etc.

          Refer How to Organize Photos in Lightroom




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            brianlsteege123 Level 1


            My library is very organized into collections, etc.  I want a continuous numbering system for clients to interact with when file choosing.  A Filename-Sequence doesn't really work for the way I have my images for the multiple repeat clients.  Any other suggestions?  My desire is for each and every file to have a unique number.

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              Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

              You could also consider renaming the  exiting images in Lightroom:-Press F2 rename them with Filename(custom) -sequence(Each file will have own sequence number.)

              Remember the last sequence number and import new files with same custom name and next sequence number.



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                I seem to remember that Bridge or perhaps Photoshop, years ago, allowed you to automatically have the number sequence added when you wanted to add new photos to a given file name.  So if I knew I had photos named "Great Wall" but didn't remember what the last number in the sequence was, and now 2 years later I want to rename some new photos with the "Great Wall" name, the program would automatically ask if I wanted to continue the sequence.  You say that it is necessary to remember the last sequence number.  Isn't there still some way to have it done automatically?  It seems like a step backward to have to remember the sequence number.  I am writing about doing this in Lightroom CC