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    Graphic engine problems under Mac El Capitan at scrolling and zooming


      Hi all,

      i am using a iMac 27" 2014 with El Capitan and Adobe CC Indesign latest update.

      I have some problems with my graphic display output: I am scrolling through my brochure, zooming in and out, the page shows wrong layout and layers.

      It also occurs if i change the content of a text box. The deleted sentences are freezes and i have to zoom out to steps to see correct content.


      It seems as if some kind of cache did not respond fast enough to show my layout elements. I am using standard display performance with anti-aliasing BUT "greek type below: 1 pt" unter preferences. The error is not shown all time and not dependent on quantity or file size of the document and its elements.


      So do you think it is a driver or hardware problem, or could it be solved by system or Indesign preferences?