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    Coloring Collection Titles????


      Coloring Collection Titles????


      A simple question, with a complicated explanation:  Can I set a color for the font or for the background of the title of a collection?


      Since the Collection listing allows only a numerical/alpha sort order, I have created an organizational system using a number scheme with the collection title — i.e., “100 FIRSTCOLLECTIONGROUPTITLE,”  “200 SECONDCOLLECTIONGROUPTITLE,” etc., with the majority of my “actual” collections in numbered, named sub-folders.


      It would be much easier to scan the list when looking for a collection if I were able to color code the titles or the background for the titles, since each main folder may have 20-30 subfolders.  Can I do that?




      Background:  I'm new to Lightroom, working my way thought the tutorials and Kelby's book, and trying to organize the 8,000+ photos I have taken (or scanned from prints) since I started studying photography and taking pictures in college in the 1950s.  Many of these pictures are in paper and negatives in a filing system in my cabinets.