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    Workflow setup with Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD

    markg36640646 Level 1

      I was hoping the team here could provide their input for me on a workflow question centered around LR and PS.

      I built a new rig and along with the normal spinning disks I purchased a 512 gb M.2 SSD. When I installed Windows 10 (64bit), I actually installed on the spinners. (2TB-7200). I'm shooting RAW on a Nikon D810 so the files are pretty massive.

      I have my catalog stored on the 950 though figuring it would give me better read speed. What I didn't realize with 10 is that I cannot point a program to reside on the SSD, they all default to the boot drive with no way to change it that I can see.

      Putting aside the boot speed for now, would I get a faster workflow by reinstalling everything on the SSD, or am I still realizing the speed improvements due to my catalogs being stored on it?

      I appreciate your help!