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    How is it possible that the new InDesign is even laggier than it was before?


      I use InDesign for work, and mostly it is fine, except that sometimes it decides it wants to hog all of the CPU of this quad-core HT-enabled modern workstation-class notebook PC. For example, every time I tried to output a book to PDF form in InDesign CC2014, so much CPU was consumed that my mouse got stuttery. Basically it reduced Windows to a single-tasking environment: I couldn't do anything else until it was done.


      I upgraded to CC2015 hoping it would be better, and it's actually worse. The PDF output thing is still there, only now I also get hard lag doing even more basic tasks. Trying to add a cross-reference, the entire machine hangs for half to a full second just clicking on the item I want. Not only does the program become unresponsive, I can't even move the mouse at all.


      Am I the only one seeing this? Maybe it's something on my end, but this machine runs everything else I can throw it at completely flawlessly.


      I'm on a Windows 7 x64 machine with 16 GB of RAM and using an SSD.