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    Cairngorm Console: a new tool for debugging and monitoring Cairngorm Applications in real time

    jrevel Level 1

      KapLab has just released "CairngormConsole" a new free tool for Cairngorm application inspection.
      It is a must have for Cairngorm users and for those who want to go deeper into Cairngorm framework and see what, happen behind the scene.

      In its first 0.9.0 version, the console includes the following features:

      A log for all Cairngorm operations: commands, events, services, ...
      * An inspection tree of the ModelLocator
      * Watch the bindings in action at the ModelLocator level
      * Running commands and commands history
      * Running HTTPServices and services history
      * Stacktrace on all operations to pin-point starting line of code
      * Object inspectors on data, such as command parameters, event attributes, or services result
      * Interoperability with KapInspect, another KapLab debugging tool

      KapLab Home: http://lab.kapit.fr
      CairngormConsole Home page: http://lab.kapit.fr/display/cairngormconsole/Cairngorm+Console
      * Developer Guide: http://lab.kapit.fr/display/cairngormconsole/Developer+Guide
      * Demo: http://lab.kapit.fr/demo/cairngormconsole/prod/CafeTownsend.html
      * Forum: http://lab.kapit.fr/display/forum/Cairngorm+Console

      You will be able to report problems or ask for new features in our forums, as new releases will be published on a regular basis.
      Hopefully you will enjoy it and that it will help you to maintain and develop your applications with more ease and productivity

      Oh, BTW, MC & HNY !