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    Can I add indesign object styles to my creative cloud library?

    bigfish2224 Level 1

      I have an object style that I use on screenshots in my InDesign documents to give them a shadow, and rounded stroked black frame.

      I normally keep this style in my template but every once in a while I would like to use it in another document that isn't based on that template so I usually open, copy and paste the screenshot with the object style into my new document and then reapply the object style (that gets imported) to the desired screenshot.


      I was wondering, with the CC libraries integration into InDesign, could i save the object style directly to the library?
      I noticed that if I drag the screenshot into my CC library, it adds it as a graphic (carrying over the object style as well), so essentially, all I need to do is grab the screenshot from my library, place it on the page, delete it, and then use the imported object style that is left behind on my desired screenshot.


      I was just wondering if directly adding JUST THE OBJECT STYLE (like you do with Character or Paragraph styles) is doable now. It doesn't seem so, but maybe in future releases?