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    Where can I get After Effects CC 2015 13.7 update/patch?

    tommit56186942 Level 1



      I need a 13.7 update for After Effects CC 2015 but Creative Cloud doesn't offer that update. It shows only the status "up-to-date" which is not true.


      I am signed in to Creative Cloud and my software (all CC apps) are NOT in trial mode. Ie. they are all ACTIVATED.


      So how am I supposed to update my AE v13.5 to 13.7? I need that update since the current version has a bug that prevents AE from recognizing the Media Encoder installation + Media Encoder crashes every time when I try to export a video from AE video project. 13.7 update addresses that issue.


      So I DON'T NEED/WANT any of those classic "try to re-install / try to deactivate and reactivate / reboot your PC etc."-stuff - I have tried all that. I find it very unprofessional from Adobe side to have the AE update not available directly via Creative Cloud updater. What are they thinking??


      Please help me! My E-mail is: tommi.tiihonen@gmail.com if You want to answer (also) there. Yeah - I did share my e-mail - so please spare me from any annoying comments about that


      Thank You!