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    ID file to PDF Chapter order

    Roy E

      I have a question about converting a book file from InDescign (CS5) to a PDF file and the order of the chapters in a book. The chapters of the book were created as individual files, numbered in order and imported into a book. Screen shot 11.jpg.

      To produce the PDF file the drop down menu in the book menu was used. (Screen shot 2) "Export Book to PDF" was clicked



      When the Export Window came up the Save Button was clicked and the PDF file created.


      Yet when the book was printed instead of the Chapters being in order the order was not Ch. 00, Ch. 01, Ch. 02, Ch. 03, Ch. 04, Ch. 05.


      It was Ch. 00, Ch. 01, Ch. 02, Ch. 04, Ch. 05, Ch. 03,


      Ch. 03 -- the ID designation -- is actually Chapter 1 in the book. So the actual chapter numbers are not 1, 2, 3, 4. They are 2, 3, 1, 4.


      Is there any way that when a book is created as described above that some how the chapters can re-order themselves?


      Thank you,



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Can we see a screenshot of the book panel?

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            Roy E Level 1



            Pardon my igmorance. What is the book panel? I thought that was what I had in screen shot 1????


            Thank you for your help.



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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, missed it. I check these by email most of the time and those don't show.


              Is CS5 fully patched? I don't even remember what the final patch number was.

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                Roy E Level 1



                My InDesign is just as I bought it back when. I have tried to duplicate the problem by opening several chapters as for editing, then rearranging the order. Once this is done exporting the book to PDF as per above. One of two things happes: i) usually the Export Book to PDF option is replaced by Export Selected Documents to PDF; or ii) one time the Export Book to PDF option was there and I converted the book to PDF and the chapters were all in correct order.


                I am at loss to figure out how to even replicate the problem without re-numbering the chapters and then adding them to the book panel. But that never happened. The order was set sequentially as the book was written. No changes to chapter name/order was done.


                When the Export Selected Documents to PDF option is utilized I have only been able to PDF a single chapter at a time. I cannot or have not been able to export more than a single chapter at a time, never multiple chapters, let alone a whole book. I am currently at a loss to explain this as an InDesign misuse.



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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  You have to select all of the document. Select the first one and then shift+click the last one.




                  Make sure it’s patched: Help>Updates

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                    Roy E Level 1



                    Thanks good to know. Sounds similar to selecting text in ID or Word, or multiple images in Photoshop, etc.


                    Unfortunately for me I didn't know that at the time the book was PDFed, and never did it that way. So I still do not know how to replicate the error using the PDF conversion in the Book Panel.


                    I save my PDF files. So I have gone back and checked them. Maybe I sent an old file? I cannot find one that has chapters out of order. The only way I see it happening is: i) I used the Ex[port Selected Documents option, which I didn't as until now I did know how and have had no need or use of that feature. When I wanted a PDF of a single chapter I use the Export feature on the File drop down menu; and ii) I imagine that the chapters could be rearranged in Acrobat. I have never done it, but my guess is one could do it. It has been suggested by another self-publisher that the chapter order may result from the mechanical assembly of the chapters??


                    Round and round I go....


                    Thank you again for taking the time!