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    Need help on import pictures into Ae


      Hi, guys. I am working on a senior design project called Baja in the university and I, major in Mechanical Engineering, want to make a video for that project though Ae because I can make cool effect for that. And this video is going to the show case for the junior students to get their interest for next gerneration Baja Car. Also, our budget is limited, we probably don't have enough money to pay for the bill for the video. But most part of the video has been done because it's a template I purchase from Internet and ideas have been generated. The only that left to mee is to express my idea though Ae. IEven though I try to learn something about how to make Ae project on Youtube and do it by myself. But because lack of professional knowladge and running capacity of my computer, I can't do it alone. If u are good at the Ae project, please contact me. [Email address removed by moderator - if someone wants to help you, they can contact you with a direct message; you do not want your email address posted in the public forum.]

      Here are my lovely teammates