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    Colfusion Builder 3 Freezing on large cfc files, how to resolve?

    Perkley Level 1

      I am on a Windows 7 64-bit pro machine reading network files.  It seems that when I have a cfc that gets a little too long then I randomly have CFB3 freeze up and never return.  I have to force it closed and then open it again.  I luckily have a copy of HomeSite that I use to edit these files with no problem, but it is getting annoying as it seems to be doing it more and more.  When I say large files they are not that large, the one that just froze up is only 2345 lines of code.


      Searching the Internet I find things to try but they are all for CFB2.  I have tried a few things but I still seem to have the problem.


      I will try right now to Disable Syntax Checking and see if that helps, but it is unfortunate that I have to disable all the features to edit my files.  Anyone have any other ideas to try to help it work better?  And I can't seem to find a roadmap to CFB, are they going to continue to make it better?