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    Why does Lightroom 6 now want to back up catalog after each exit?

    kenjancef Level 1

      So I am running Lightroom 6, the latest CC release, and last night I was running out of hard drive space, so I moved a folder of photos to an external drive that was already recognized by Lightroom a very long time ago. So I started the process last night... then when I checked it this morning, I saw that the process completed, but it failed to copy just one photo. I also noticed all of the subfolders that were to me moved were moved, but they still remained on my main drive, with zero pictures in them. So I removed the folders from Lightroom, making sure that I could still access the photos from the external drive within Lightroom.


      Now, when I close Lightroom, even though I have the catalog backup set at once per week, everytime I close Lightroom it asks to back up the catalog. Why is this happening? Is it because it's still the same day, and I need to wait till tomorrow for it to change? Did something happen during the file move that messed something up?


      Thanks for any help....