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    Help! Corrupted InDesign file, can't open :(


      I keep having a crash error whenever I try to open my InDesign document. I guess Indesign CC did not close properly and the file created a 'locked indesign file'. I deleted the locked file many times but still, unable to open the .idd file. Please help. I tried all of the following already:


      1. reset my preferences for InDesign to default manually (through file explorer)

      2. uninstall and re-installed InDesign CC

      3. reset the computer

      4. created a copy of the file and tried opening it

      5. deleted the locked indesign file (many times)


      The only thing I haven't tried is converting the file to quark and converting it back to indesign. Its way too expensive for me to download the plugin and software to do it. Plus, i would like to get a legitimate solution to the problem in case this happens again in the future.