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    Licensing issues


      Help!  I am having all kinds off issues with the Adobe Stock website!  And I am, quite frankly, shocked and how un-userfriendly it is!


      Problem 1: When I am doing research for a project and want to save an image to come back to later, it is saving it to my Creative Cloud Library and telling me that it is licensed when I go in there to look at it.  It just did this for 12 images!  I don't want to license them yet, I just want to save them to come back later.  When I look for tutorials on how to use this I cannot find anything, and even though I pay for creative Cloud, I cannot call or chat to get any support!! This seems crazy for the highly monthly payment that Creative Cloud Charges. I am hopeful that Adobe will remove the shopping cart feature and just let us save the images until we are ready to license them.


      Problem 2. I cannot find a way to purchase an extended license on an image, nor can I even find a cost.  When I click on license history or try to find out anything about my account, it just tells me the current account I have or the images that I have clicked to license (of which most were errors!).


      Can someone at Adobe please provide me a credit for the 12 images in the Creative Cloud folder called ARWM, or tell me how how to get a hold of support?


      Can someone also direct me to how I can purchase an extended license and find the cost to do so before purchasing?


      Thank you.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          Sorry to hear you're having issues.


          Please check the Stock support site for information/tutorials on using Adobe Stock - Using Adobe Stock


          I will provide credit for the 12 images licensed in error - please ensure the incorrect images are not used.


          At the moment, Adobe Stock offers only standard licenses - Common Questions, Adobe Stock.  You may wish to check if the image is available from Fotolia as they offer extended licensing.


          Kind regards



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            ChemeneP Level 1

            Thank you Beverley Gray


            2 more quick questions:


            (1) When an Adobe Stock photo says "Logo Template" what are the licensing restrictions then?


            (2) why does it say that you offer extended licensing and then explain it here (see description and link below) in the terms?


            2.2 Extended License. If you have purchased an extended license, then you may distribute the Work as incorporated onto any item of merchandise or other work of authorship. For clarification you, may use, reproduce, distribute or display the Work in connection with (a) design template applications intended for resale; (b) any goods or services intended for resale or distribution, including, without limitation, mugs, t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, posters or other merchandise, and any "print on demand" or tangible or electronic formats; (c) a PR campaign aimed at the promotion of goods or services to the medias. Furthermore, if you incorporate a Work into a promotional press release that is being released to the media, then you may distribute the stand-alone image file of such Work to the media in connection therewith, under the condition that the media may only publish such Work in connection with the publishing of such press release, and that the media may not use or disseminate Work in any other manner


            http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe_Stock_Terms_en_US-2 0150313_hpc.pdf

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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Hi there


              Licensing terms are available here - Royalty free images, photos, and graphics | Adobe Stock


              Logo templates can be used in presentations but you cannot claim trademark right to the logo eg by using it as your company logo or brand.


              We are looking to offer Extended licensing in the near future.





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                ChemeneP Level 1

                Thank you Beverley Gray.


                I saw that page too.   So, Adobe doesn't offer the Extended Licensing yet talks about it on their website in different places like in the links above.  And if the Extended Licensing is offered only through Fotolia, it doesn't mention that anywhere in any of links on the Adobe site either.


                It's all very confusing as a consumer.