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    Table of Contents


      I am following a Captivate 3 tutorial and it says that under the "Project" menu, I should find "Table of Contents" menu item. however, it's not there. I want to insert a table of contents into my project with it.

      any ideas?
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          www.cpguru.com Level 4
          Under the project menu there is a topic called "Skin". Click on that and you will find the "Table of Contents" in the skin editor - it's called "Menu".

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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Welcome to our community, Grungefreak1

            Are you certain the tutorial is for Captivate 3? I ask because I believe the option mentioned is something only found in Captivate 4. So I'm wondering if you are looking at a version 4 tutorial and actually using version 3.

            If this is the case, you will find what you are looking for (The menu) by clicking Project > Skin and clicking the Menu tab. But there is an issue as well because the Captivate 3 menu isn't the same as the Captivate 4 menu. Adobe made some substantial changes to the functionality.

            Cheers... Rick