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    How can I get both my original jpeg and edited-exported jpeg to show separately in my LR5 catalog together.


      I work mainly in jpegs (I know - gasp!)  Luckily there isn't usually much I want to edit in a shot - but if need be I do shoot jpeg+RAW.  It took me months after purchasing the program to finally install it (the intimidation factor was huge for me) and I've taken baby steps to move all of my photos into LR catalog and start working and organizing in it not wanting to start any bad habits while learning the program.  Knowing that once I get it down it will be awesome to use instead of my old process/system.  But I've found this one issue very frustrating;


      After I lightly edit a jpeg in LR5 and export with new filename (usually just adding a -1, -2, etc to the original file name) in the same folder, I want both (or more if I've done several different versions/crops to the same photo) to show in my catalog (grid and film reel at bottom of the screen) in LR.  I don't want to just see the last edited version.  If I've done several different options to one photo, I want to be able to see all those options side by side in my catalog with all the other photos in that folder.


      I can't be the only one that does different edits to the same photo and want them all to show - what step or setting am I missing to make this happen?

      Thank you for your help,