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    Calling Web Service from Flex (to PeopleSoft)

      I'm new to Flex and web services. I've created a web service in PeopleSoft and successfully imported the WSDL into Flex so that it has contacted the PS server and returned data (using mx:WebService and mx:Operation code I found examples of). However, I have been unable to pass a parameter to the service from Flex using that code. I then discovered and followed the sample code in the Flex-generated package, but no matter what I do I cannot successfully supply the "myValue" in the sample shown below. Here is Flex's own text in my GetInfo.as file built by Flex:

      * MXML sample code:
      * First you need to map the package where the files were generated to a namespace, usually on the <mx:Application> tag, like this: xmlns:ws="com.draper.*"
      * Define the service and within its tags set the request wrapper for the desired operation
      * <ws:GetInfo id="myService">
      * <ws:FindID_request_var><ws:FindID_request Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI=myValue/>
      * </ws:FindID_request_var>
      * </ws:GetInfo>
      * Then call the operation for which you have set the request wrapper value above, like this:
      * <mx:Button id="myButton" label="Call operation" click="myService.FindID_send()" />

      My code is:
      <ws:GetInfo id="userRequest">
      <ws:findID_request_var><ws:FindID_request Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI="X"/>

      When I try to run it, Flex is unhappy with the value I am assigning ("X" above) no matter what I put there. If I omit the double quotes and try to assign a text input field value (which is my goal here), it complains that it expects a double quote. If I put almost anything else there, it complains either:
      Initializer for 'Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI'; values of type com.draper.Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CITypeShape cannot be represented as text.
      or, if I try this line, where I attempt to pass a text input field:

      <ws:FindID_request Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI="{compID.text}"/>

      then I get:
      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type String to an unrelated type com.draper:Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CITypeShape

      Can anyone help with this please?


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          Hi Jim,

          I just started using Flex this week so I haven't tried making calls using the method that you are (by importing the WSDL through Data > Import Web Service (WSDL)...), but I have been successful in making calls via another method.

          <mx:WebService id="webServiceID" wsdl=" http://yourwebsite/somefolder/service.wsdl">
          <mx:operation name="operationName" result="ResultHandler(event)"fault=
          <!-- parameters -->

          To make the call, you would use the send() method on your operation ("operationName" in the example above). Let's just say you want to send the request on a button click. The code would look like:

          <mx:Button label="Send Web Service Request" click="webServiceID.operationName.send()"/>

          Please note that "operationName.send()" will not work alone - you need to use "webServiceID.operationName.send()"

          Hope this helps.


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            SirTree Level 1

            Thanks. That is what I *was* doing, that got me all data returned. The parameter never gets passed in the XML. It acts as if a blank was passed and returns everything (just as you would expect in the PeopleSoft search page when you just click Find without specifying a key). It is expecting a partial key and will return all keys that match (find method).

            PS expects the key DL_CS_COMPID, and in Flex I've seen Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI also. So I've tried:
            <!-- <DL_CS_COMPID> -->
            <!-- </DL_CS_COMPID> -->

            (You can see I currently have dl_cs_compid commented out). Both behave identically - they are ignored in the XML that is sent from Flex. Here is a sample of what was received in PS:

            <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <M540564.V1:Find__CompIntfc__DL_TREE_IB_CI xmlns:M540564.V1=" http://xmlns.oracle.com/Enterprise/Tools/schemas/M540564.V1" xmlns:SOAP-ENV=" http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:xsd=" http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi=" http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"/>

            I believe there should be a <DL_CS_COMPID>value</DL_CS_COMPID> string in there.