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    Shapes move/ get deformed when exporting to pdf

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      Every time I want to export my InDesign file to pdf (print), the layout of some of the shapes changes and I have no clue how to fix it. The left row of bars is a print screen from In design the right row of bars is a print screen of the pdf file. As you see, some bars in the pdf file have become thicker than others.
      problemen balkjes.png
      This is what I did: I've created 10 small identical rectangles (copies), some have an opacity of 100% others of 50%. The small rectangles were aligned by the function "align spacing". After that I duplicated the 10 rectangles 5 times and pasted them below eachother.


      This is what I've tried to fix it: I've grouped all bars together with some of the surrounding text (that doesn't change) . I've pasted a white square on the bottom layer of my page. I created a compound path of all squares with the same opacity I exported the file to an interactive pdf instead of print. And I changed the output to another random setting. Non of these sollutions did the trick


      I'm using InDesign 2015 on Windows 10 my file uses CKYM colours