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    Indesign CC 2015 Resaved all CC 2014 files now I can't open them in CC 2014


      I updated to Indesign CC 2015 and after it kept crashing and pages just went blank for no reason. I reloaded CC 2014 but now all the files on the server cant be opened with 2014 even though they were saved originally with 2014.


      I cant even open the file in 2015 and copy an paste to 2014 the font just comes in as a rasterized file.

      I have hundreds of Indesign 2014 files now that I cant open without having to open each one in CC 2015  resave as an idml file then open in 2014 wait for 2014 to convert it. When all I need is  just to copy text or an image from that file.


      Any suggestions?