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    How can I find a simple list of the apps available with various levels of Creative Cloud subscriptions?


      Boy, the Adobe web site is incredibly frustrating. It's very difficult to accomplish some very simple tasks. First of all, there should be an email address to contact; I shouldn't be forced to submit my question to a forum. This is cheap and lazy on Adobe's part, especially when they're charging so much for their subscription apps.


      My biggest complaint is that I can't find a simple list of the apps available with the Creative Cloud at the various subscription levels. When I search, it sends me to a slick "overview" video of the Creative Cloud that tells me zero about the specific applications available. There should be a simple list of the applications available with Creative Cloud and a side-by-side comparison of the apps available with the different Creative Cloud subscription levels. Why can't I find something like this on the Adobe web site?! I did find a page that lists 15 of the adobe apps, but not a page that describes to me what apps come with what levels of the Creative Cloud subscriptions.