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    LR 5.7.1 freezing under Windows 10



      Dear Chetna,



      resetting the Lightroom Preferences (I followed exactly the description referred to in your advice) did NOT solve the problem.



      What else could be tried?


      Is this problem on Windows 10 known within the LR community?



      The lightroom catalogue I use (and have used exactly the same way in my old system on Windows 7 – with no problem) is big, but not too big – the catalogue file has 400 MB and the pictures files are storec in an archive on the same external HDD (around 30.000 pictures = 600 GB). Should be no problem for Lightroom.





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      Betreff: [Photoshop Lightroom] LR 5.7.1 "freezing" under Windows 10



      LR 5.7.1 "freezing" under Windows 10

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      Would suggest you to reset Lightroom Preferences > Resetting (or 'Trashing') the Lightroom Preferences file - Lightroom Forums
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