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    Lightroom Desktop + Mobile Syncing WITHOUT Collections?


      Hi Everyone,

      I've recently started looking into running two Lightroom installations off the same Catalogue, so that I can have one person edit the images, and another rate them.  It doesn't appear like there's a way to sync two desktop installations of Lightroom, with a shared Catalogue on a network drive.  As such, I can have the curator use an iPad running Lightroom Mobile rate our images, and the Desktop Lightroom would serve for editing.


      However, I'm finding this a bit too cumbersome.  It seems like images in your catalogue must be in Collections in order for the sync to even work?


      I'm not familiar with Collections.  Never used them, never had to.  Our Catalogues are organized by year, with each client having their own folder.  After a shoot, images get rated with 1 and 2 stars, the rest get deleted.  Two stars are finally edited in Photoshop and uploaded to our online portal for viewing, sharing, and downloading.


      I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in achieving the above:  Using Lightroom Desktop to edit the images, and using Lightroom Mobile to simply curate them.  I understand that Lightroom Sync doesn't upload the actual RAW files - which is fine.  For curating, Smart Previews will do just fine.


      I am further confused by certain settings in Lightroom Desktop -> Preferences -> Lightroom mobile:  Such as, what does "Specify location for Lightroom mobile images" mean?  Wouldn't a sync simply update the metadata on the images in my Lightroom catalogue?


      I was unable to find a good resource on Adobe that would explain in thorough detail what Lightroom sync does, is, and was designed to do.


      If anyone has any pointers, I would greatly appreciate them!


      Many thanks guys!