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    Idea for Arm Control + Multiple Inputs

    jeffreyd39085192 Level 1

      Adobe Character Animator is pretty sweet!


      I know you guys are probably working on stuff like this but I had some ideas:


      - For the arm control, it would be really cool if there was a way to control the arms with your actual arms / hands using either a 3d camera like the kinect or some type of motion sensing glove. It would be on the person using the software to have these extra peripherals but it would be a cool feature,


      - Having the ability to have multiple inputs would be cool too, like multiple cameras and multiple mics that control multiple characters for live performances with more than 1 person.


      - There is probably some more stuff you can already do in preview 3 I don't know about, I am still messing with it.. So far I like the program, I think it can save a lot of time with the animating process.