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    HP Solution Center Issue Win 10/Adobe Flash


      Hello Everyone,


      I just recently upgraded to Win 10 and over the last few weeks the printer started having issues.  HP Solution Center says the printer is disconnected yet if I go to the diagnostic tools in this program and print a test page all the checks come out with a pass and I have a nice one page print out to show that it worked.  Win 10 finds it etc..


      So with some digging I found the message from HP.  My question is how do I uninstall adobe flash and reinstall it in Win 10?


      A problem occurs with an HP printer after the computer is upgraded to Windows 10. See HP Printers - Printer Problems after Upgrading to Windows 10.

      Microsoft recently released a Windows security update to address security vulnerabilities with Adobe Flash. This update negatively affected the functionality of HP Solution Center software for many HP printers. HP does not recommend uninstalling Windows security updates. A new Windows update (KB3133431) is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10 to correct the problem. If the problem persists after installing KB3133431, uninstall and reinstall Adobe Flash. Reinstalling the HP software does not fix this problem.