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    roundtrip loses lightroom adjustments

    thomask19697897 Level 1

      When I'm in Lightroom and I edit a file in photoshop, and then when I save and close the file and go back to lightroom, it resets all my adjustments in LR. What's going on?


      I had this problem when I was using PS CC and LR 6, but now I have both PSCC and LRCC, and it's still doing it.


      I'm on imac 27" late 2012 and osx 10.10.5


      I think it was working fine when I was on osx 10.10.3, but had to update cause an app wouldn't work on 10.10.3


      Please help.


      I'm not a noob. I have 20 years of photoshop experience, and am expert level in LR and PS. I'm not making rookie mistakes, so no need to give obvious noob answers.


      Thanks so much!!!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi thomask,


          Please try updating Photoshop to there most recent versions.

          If that does not work reinstall Photoshop.




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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            The adjustments you made to either a RAW, JPG, TIF or any other type of file can't be lost in LR. LR stores the edits you make to a file in either the LR catalog file or to the image file itself, in a special place in the Metadata area, or to a XMP sidecar file depending on what type of file it is.

            Also there is no setting in LR that would remove, Reset, the adjustments you have made to any file once you send that image to PS for further editing.


            If you go back to the original file you sent to PS then go to the Develop module you will see the edits you did are still active. That is unless you overwrote the original image when you Saved it from PS. If that is what you are doing, overwriting the original image then stop doing that.