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    Hebrew language fonts not displaying properly in titles


      I am working on a Premiere Elements V 13.1 project where the text of the titles at the start, for transition slides

      and captions are in Hebrew language.   The text editor shows that there are Hebrew fonts but when I type them

      the letters appear left to right instead of right to left.  I can type Hebrew letter as you can see below

      but they are placed left to right which is wrong.  I am stuck on this one.

      I am running Win 7 64 bit and have many other applications that fully support Hebrew text (right to left)




      See below error in Premiere and then image of example of how the text should display.


      premiere hebrew language error.jpg


      premiere hebrew language correct.jpg

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I think this has always been a problem, the same goes for Arabic.


          Is this a common windows font or one downloaded from the internet?


          Try different fonts like Adobe Hebrew.


          Try making the text in Word first then copy it over to PE.


          If you have Photoshop Elements type the text in PS and import the PS files into PE.


          Found this on the internet: http://www.freeware.co.il/hebrew/

          Have no idea what it says but maybe....

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            daveb6642391 Level 1

            Thank you and am amazed that you say this has always been a problem...

            How does one escalate this with Adobe...?


            I tried several different fonts....and have noticed now same problem in my Photoshop Elements...

            I tried copying from Word but no luck.


            Not sure what you mean "type the text in PS" you mean PhotoShop ? see above.


            This is a major headache for me....


            But then I saw your last line and installed this freeware app called Langover which seems to solve the problem !!


            Thanks very much.


            Do you have any clout with Adobe to fix the underlying problem?