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    High CPU usage on sites with flash content

      I have a 2.8GHz, 2GB RAM, Windows XP Pro SP2 machine.

      When I visit sites with alot of flash content with Firefox 3 or IE or Chrome my CPU goes to 80-90% and stays there.

      I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled the latest version, but with no fix to the problem. Don't seem to have any virus/spyware on my system.

      Uninstalling Flash player on each of the different browsers seems to fix the problem - visiting the same sites, I don't get huge CPU usage.

      Any ideas what underlying thing might be causing excessive CPU usage in all my browsers when visiting flash sites?
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          yes this is my problem
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            I have the same problem and, like you, I tracked it down to sites with Flash content (which unfortunately is pretty much every site these days).  These are my specs:


            Mac PowerBook G4 (PowerPC) 1.67GHz

            Mac OSX 10.5.6

            Firefox 3.0.8

            Flash Player 10.0 r22






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              Miguel A. Roman

              I suffer from the same problem, whatever browser I use, flash plugin raises the CPU usage permanently until I leave the web page. I f I turn disabled the plugin the problem dissapears, but, of course, the flash applets can´t be seen.


              Moreover, a high and maintained cpu usage results in a high cpu temperature and eventually a system crash.


              As a test, you can try this web page: http://librodenotas.com/deloanimallohumanolodivino/15934/la-mas-animal-de-las-musicas that contains severals youtube videos inset, even they aren't being displayed.


              I've try disabling the "hardware acceleration" option (right click the flash and select "configuration") with no results.


              Also I reverted to flashplayer 9 http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/406/kb406791.html but the problem persists.

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                I've been doing research about this problem for weeks because I have also experienced it with my vista home premium laptop. Just recently, I have finally found the solution. The problem is not your browser or your OS or your pc's memory. The problem is caused by authorization for flash player.


                Read the link (posted below) carefully and follow the steps accordingly. If you have already done steps 1 through 6 with your computer, you can go straight to step 7.




                PS: I am not the author of that link, so please thank the respective site owner if you find the procedure very helpful.


                Please let me know also if the link solves your problem. I am sharing this because Adobe seems unable to provide solutions to this, and I don't want to hear people suffer.


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                  Thank you It solved with me

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                    Thanks for the link, I have had this problem with my laptop for the last few months and has been really stopping me do any work

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                      hydroLix Level 1

                      To make clarifications for my previous post (some people emailed me saying that the link says nothing about cpu hogging or excessive cpu usage), you may not visit the LINK previously provided and instead follow the steps given below.


                      I would also like to point out my kind of problem that these steps successfully solved. The problem was this:

                      The first time I start up a browser (IE, FF, Opera, or Chrome) and visits a website with flash player files running on it, the performance of my
                      computer is smooth and fast for the first 2 or 3 minutes. But afterwards, the CPU usage meter just suddenly shoots up from below 10% to a shocking
                      100%! And there was not other program opened, except the browser; and I was only visiting one website ( e.g., Youtube).


                      It then clearly indicates that flash player is the culprit, since I have already run windows updating, spyware and antivirus scanning, defragmenting,
                      browser cookies and cache clearing, junk cleaning, and drive checking. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash players, which was actually
                      a good thing except that during that time I have not yet known about the next 4 steps (given below).


                      If you have the same problem, you might try th following:




                      NOTE: Close your browsers and any other running programs and opened windows first.


                      STEP 1: Navigate your way to this folder: Computer > C: Drive > Windows > System32 > Macromed > Flash


                      STEP 2: Right-click over the file ‘Flash10a.ocx’ and choose ‘PROPERTIES’.


                      STEP 3: In PROPERTIES, choose the ’SECURITY’ tab > Click on the ‘EVERYONE’ account or your own Windows account profile, and the button called 'EDIT’ and then tick the box called ‘ALLOW FULL CONTROL’ and also choose your own Windows local account name to have full control.


                      STEP 4: Repeat this process for the file ‘FlashUtil10a’.


                      Open a browser and check the performance of your CPU.




                      The example here indicates that the flash player version is 10; however, you can still use the steps for lower versions. For instance,
                      if the version of your flash player is 9, look for all files named FlashUtil9a (disregard the extensions).


                      Also, the Folder Directory is applicable for Vista users. The file directory structure of your drive C:\ may be different if you are using other windows OS version. You just have to search the location of your Flashplayer.





                      montian and franky --- i'm so glad this procedure helps you with your prob!

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                        Here's what fixed the problem for me. In the end, Flash wasn't the culprit (totally).


                        My laptop is a Core 2 duo and now 3 years old. I never thought that dust will go in through the CPU Fan vent and will accumulate there, causing the fan to work inefficiently and not cooling the CPU as much as required. I read on some Forums that cleaning this dust and taking out the congestion on the Fan solved their problem of high CPU. First I couldn't believe that. Yesterday I thought I will give it a try. I took my Vaccum Cleaner and used it across the vents. I couldn't believe the amount of dust came of out that thing. I cleaned it all up. Then I prayed and turned on my machine. Anyway I wanted to watch the last episode of LOST, so I thought that testing this fix on Hulu would be the best test. I watched the whole episode of length 1:45 mins with only few hickups. It was unbelievable. Now my machine is behaving like what a Core 2 duo should.


                        So, my advice is that. If your desktop/laptop is 1-2 years or more old, then the CPU fan definitely needs some cleaning. It made difference for me, no kidding. Just take that Vaccum Cleaner and fix it.


                        Hope this helps some of you!

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                          have the same problem over here. I hate to dive into complexity  regarding this, but there are two things happening that might be  relevent. Firefox when examined with process monitor seems to be  recursively creating and killing threads which accounts for upwards of  20% of the cpu usage, these extensive bouts of activity are preceded and  punctuated by queries, read, and writes.



                          Thank you a lot.

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                            Bruno AiR

                            Still same problem even with flash player 10.3 50% processor use on macbook OSX

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                              moon_walker333, thank you so much for this advice!

                              My Pentium 4 2.4 GHz is 9+ years old now. And for the last 2 years I couldn't solve the issues with flash player, skype video calls and 720p videos.

                              Now everything just flies on my PC.

                              I couldn't expect to find so much dust in the radiator of my CPU Fan... There was plenty of it.

                              I can't believe everything works so smoothly now!

                              Thank you!


                              By the way, at the same time I've also replaced my old ATX power supply. But I believe the real reason was the overheating of the CPU.

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                                Thinkpad 1.6 GHz with XP SP3 running, Firefox 26.0.


                                Videos on nationalgeographics.com (610x350) abysmal, interrupted every second or so,


                                CPU usage stays high even when video playing is stopped (about 60%).


                                Decreases to normal only when page is no more visible (hidden or minimized).


                                I know it's a very small, oldish machine, but I suspect, that there is still room for improvement in the software (why 60% CPU usage when video is stopped??).